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Kitchen Island Lighting

Submitted by: Kimberly Quang

Nothing can be more frustrating than having inappropriate kitchen island lighting. Without good kitchen island lighting, no one will be able to prepare, cook, present, or clean anything in an effective manner whatsoever. Proper kitchen island lighting is an obvious necessity but choosing the right kitchen island lighting can be very confusing for many homeowners. The lighting experts will help you choose the best kitchen island lighting products for you, eliminating the headache and worry about what lighting products will work best.

The best kitchen island lighting will incorporate both functional light as well as aesthetic light. This means that kitchen island lighting should have appropriate task lighting and ambient lighting. These two principles apply to basically every interior space of your home.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is very important in the kitchen. Task lighting should provide bright light with no shadows. For the best kitchen island lighting, using kitchen pendants and hanging pendant style lighting is a popular choice. Decorative kitchen pendant lights work wonders for lighting a kitchen island while adding style to your kitchen’s overall decor. You can combine two or three pendant lights over the kitchen island to provide an even more appealing look. If you utilize a dimmer switch with pendant lights, you?ll be able to provide bright task lighting for food preparation while allowing the lights to be dimmed for entertaining or to create an inviting atmosphere. We have many styles of kitchen pendant lights to choose from that will fit any kitchen d?cor. Track lights are also a popular option for bringing flexible, focused, and multi-purpose task lighting into the kitchen area. Color-changing LED track lighting is a modern choice with maximum energy savings, lamp life and adaptability. Fluorescent tube lights are also a good choice because they provide bright light to large areas. If you have ceiling mounts, incandescent lights also work well. If your kitchen island has a reflective surface, you might consider using a low-voltage bulb or a softer light source to reduce glare.

Ambient Lighting

The second vital aspect to your kitchen island lighting is ambient light. Ambient light is the general, overall light that gives rooms a certain feel, or ambiance ? the atmosphere or mood created by an environment. Ambient light is necessary for casual activities in every room. Fluorescent lights are well suited for providing ambient light in the kitchen area for their wide dispersal of illumination and low heat output. A popular, modern option for homeowners is to install fluorescent lights on top of their cabinets, providing an inviting, clean glow to the overall appearance of the kitchen.

Another lighting aspect to consider is accent lighting. Accent lights can be used to illuminate cabinets, sinks, and counter space. They?re also implemented to draw attention to certain objects in the room, such as artwork, photos, sculptures, architectural details, collectibles, etc.

If you want energy efficiency, you will want to stay away from incandescent bulbs or at least use a Lutron dimmer control system as an energy saving feature.. These are some of the least efficient lamps you can buy, even though they are the cheapest. They will require replacing much quicker than other, more efficient options. If you still want an incandescent light, there are long lived choices. You might want to install 10,000 hour bulbs or, if temperature is not a factor, halogen lamps. Both of these last much longer than traditional incandescents.

About the Author: To learn more visit our kitchen island lighting section or read more about kitchen island lighting.


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Different Kitchen Island Styles

Submitted by: Mark Greenfield

Modern houses are designed to really suit the modern world that we have today. From living rooms, bed rooms, patios, bath rooms and even kitchens have a way of modernizing the styles and structures of the rooms inside the house. But have you ever heard of kitchen islands in your kitchen? Sounds weird, right?

Kitchen islands have become very popular as a new part of the kitchen in terms of kitchen innovations. It does not literally mean land surrounded by water as what we may think when we hear about an island. Actually, it is a striking and eye-catching part of your kitchen that can provide different functions in your kitchen. It can serve as storage for your things or a working table for your food preparation and others. There are a lot of usages for a kitchen island depending on your need or your preferences.

Basically, a kitchen island looks like an ordinary table having legs and a flat counter on top that is usually placed at the center of your kitchen. There are many types for your selection and they also vary in sizes as well.

Customized-Style: This is a type of island where you can create a unique style for your own island. You may choose the style that is convenient for you to use and the right size for your own kitchen. This must not be too small or too big when placed in your kitchen. A customized-style will also allow you to choose the right color for your preference and will surely fit for your everyday use. Although you can get exactly what you want and design it to match your existing kitchen, it is obviously the most expensive option.

Multi-Purpose Style: This type of island may be bigger in size since this will become an all?in-one table for you. This can offer you a lot of choices; it will serve as your food preparation space, a place for your oven, storage and shelves for your utensils. You can also add a breakfast counter on your kitchen island as well.

Island-wheel style: This type of island is like a counter but has wheels. This kind is convenient to use because it does not need extra space on your kitchen. Having wheels, there is no difficulty in transferring the island from one place to the other since it is not stationary. However, installing a sink and other appliances is not possible.

Kitchen islands have different shapes. Some may have the letter L form. Others may have a square, round, oval or rectangular shape. Either way, you can choose your own style and shape as long as it is convenient and easy for you to use. Aside from that, it is very important that your island should be well lit so that you can work properly in your kitchen. Kitchen islands can be built to suit small kitchens, large kitchens and even can be placed outdoors.

Having the right type of kitchen island for you will surely make your kitchen attractive functional and eye-catching!

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Block Island North Rip Fishing Tactics

Submitted by: Earl G Bell

The rip at Block Island’s north end can be a very productive fishing ground if you know when to fish it and what to use. I used to go there and catch very little to nothing, never really thinking of it as a productive place until I learned how to fish it. Even after all these years I am still learning how to fish it. There are a variety of ways to fish the rip, but in each case conditions that work best for that type of fishing should be followed. Pay attention to the tide and time of day, and see if you detect a pattern which repeats itself. This is how you’ll become better at fishing any area.

Trolling. I find that the best trolling ocurs when the tide is incoming and you arrive around 6:30-7:00am with the tide coming in for about an hour already. Then you can troll wireline outfits with umbrellas or parachutes and catch bass and bluefish for about 3 to 4 hours until the tide begins to slow down. I always troll against the current from 70 feet deep to go over the top of the hump at 40 feet, going very slow by the time I reach the 40 foot mark. Every time I’ll hook up under these conditions. If you don’t hook up, try letting out more line. The current can get very strong and if your not near the bottom nothing will happen.

Drifting. Drifting is another very productive method, and works best on the outgoing tide. Best to arrive around 6:30 with the tide having been outgoing for at least an hour. You can drift over the middle hump, which is about 12′ deep over the top. Use soft plastics like the Storm pearl 6″ swim shad, cast them out, let them sink near the bottom, and use a jigging retrieve. Be ready, when you lift the rod, the fish will be there. If you feel a hit and don’t hook the fish, work it very slowly with lots of short jigs, as if it were an injured fish. This will bring more strikes. Drifting can be used at any point along the length of the sand bar. Different rigs can be used, even live bait, like eels.

Topwater plugs are another good option, but they only work with a running tide and during overcast or foggy days, when the fish can’t get a good look at the plug. They also work in the dim light of dawn, but it isn’t very safe to be crossing over to the island in the dark unless you are a very good navigator and there is radar on the vessel. It isn’t fun to end up on the bow of a barge as it is being towed east or west by a big tugboat. Topwaters are worked when near the rough water, after you drift out of range you’ll have to go around for another pass.

Another useful technique when drifting the Rip is diamond jigging. For this to be successful, you need to be in deeper water usually near the outer rise of the sandbar where it comes up to 48 feet or so. Also, this works best when the tide is running slowly, as it gives the fish a chance to see and hear the diamond jig. A minimum depth for diamond jigging would be 40 feet. Best conditions are early morning with the tide running slowly.

Keep your eyes open for any surface activity. If you see feeding fish, position the boat updrift and let the current bring you into casting range. Then cast in to the fish and work your offering. Try to match whatever they may be feeding on.

It’s not always easy to use your fish finder at the North rip. The current can sweep many things past the bottom, many of which may show up as fish icons on your depth finder. So marking a lot of fish doesn’t always mean that fish are there. During a “spring” tide (the largest tides that occur when the sun and the moon are on the same side of the earth) the current can get very strong. When the current gets near its maximum, it’s not often good fishing on the rip because the current makes noise as it travels over the bottom structure at those speeds. This makes it harder for the fish to find your lure, especially as you get into deeper water. Best to fish soon after the high or low water mark on these days and avoid the mid-tide time when the current is screaming.

About the Author: Earl Bell lives in RI during the summer. For more info on fishing Block Island visit: (Rhode Island fishing charters) website.


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The kitchen island countertops Tutorial

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Just When It Seems That We Will Never Understand kitchen island breakfast bar, We Suddenly Get It

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The range of materials used varies so there would be a lot of choices for homeowners. Typically, people choose base on the budget they have in mind. For some, fine hardwoods would be best considering that it is sturdy. At the same time, people do not have to settle with materials made to look like natural wood because it is as natural as one can get. Not everyone would be able to afford these though unless it is a very small kitchen. Most people would find the costs too much.

Homeowners can choose to do it themselves if they wish to save some money. If they have some background with carpentry and can manage attaching hinges and drilling holes, they can do quite well without kitchen fitters. However, if they want to be spared from doing all the required measurements and do not have the luxury of time to attend to the installation, they can hire someone else to do the job for them. A kitchen unit door can be readily bought. There are standard sizes so it should not be too complicated to find one fitted to the framework. There are also some options for half-finished unit doors for those who want to be able to choose what kind of wood stain they prefer or what kind of paint they want on them. If these are still not satisfactory enough, unit doors that are completely customized can be the best option.

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The kitchen island with sink Library

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The traditional ?double bowl sink? in kitchens, perfect for separating dirty from rinsing in pre-dishwasher days, have fallen out of favor for bigger, single-basin models. This allows more room for oversized pots and pans, perfect for the many at-home chefs who are whipping up gourmet fare. Usually, there?s one ?primary sink? and perhaps a mini prep sink. However, that?s just one option for kitchen remodelers looking for the sink of their dreams.

Check out these trending sinks to find the perfect match for you.

Undermount Sinks: Aptly named, these models are installed below countertops for a fresh and seamless look. This means easy counter cleaning, but it?s only an option for countertops with a solid surface (think granite or marble). The sinks can come in cast iron as well as many other materials, but iron is both affordable and gorgeous.

Porcelain Apron Sinks: This model hearkens back to the farmhouse days when apron sinks were all the rage. Today, you can choose from a variety of materials (not just porcelain) including steel or copper. They add simple elegance to the space and allow for easy cleanup.

Iron Stand Sink: Who says a sink has to be on a fixed countertop? This option is basically a kitchen island, but with a sink. Integrated Marble Sink: This design kind of resembles a luxurious Roman bath and literally segues from counter to sink. Any type of natural stone can be used for these creations, allowing the countertop to flow uninterrupted into custom sinks. It?s modern yet timeless, and the total lack of bumps and seams make it the easiest kitchen cleanup of your life.

Prep Sinks: Already have a sink you love but could use a little more room for those demanding meals? Adding a prep sink echoes a professional kitchen and can make food preparation a breeze. Handpick the style, shape, materials and color you prefer. A crescent-shaped prep sink is the perfect addition to any kitchen; it?s designed for easy draining and can instantly up a home?s value.

There?s no quicker way to update your kitchen than going straight to the source?the water source, that is.

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Kitchen island cabinets Isn't A Difficult Subject So Why Is The Information So Hard To Understand

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Wooden cabinets that are equipped with immense functional quality and granite work tops that flaunt an exquisite air of classiness are fundamentally luxury addition that superbly lasts long. However, they look extravagant but the entire phenomenon can be transformed in surprisingly affordable package. Kitchen cabinets NJ are their focal point exhibiting what the company is capable of. These cabinets are not only saving space but make the kitchen appear neat and well managed before and after every culinary combat. Range of shades that has made the Granite Countertops NJ more attractive these worktops speaks of durability and shows incredible resistance to heat and pressure.

All this does not have to be highly expensive but simple planning and wise judgment can bring about that mesmerizing change making the kitchen an isle of happiness to take pride on.

Kitchen cabinets New Jersey

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Satisfy Your Curiosity About kitchen island with seating

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Space considerations with your kitchen island with seating positions:

Space is the very first thing that you want to consider with anything that you purchase for your home, let alone the kitchen island. And given that this set will be placed in the kitchen, it really does make sense that you consider all components that come with it. Seating positions for instance will range anywhere from three sitter to even eight depending on how big the set is and the kind of kitchen that it is meant for. The best approach to estimating space is by considering kitchen floor space that is left unoccupied.

In this you also have to account for some surrounding space that makes the walk-paths and also seat adjustments in addition to other activities such as hygiene functions such as cleaning and so on. It makes much sense to choose one that does fit your space allocations especially when it is much smaller than the estimated vacant space. The more you leave out space the better it gets for navigation and comfort within and around the set.

What should you do about your interior design with your kitchen island with seating positions?

Whatever Kitchen Island or furniture you bring home should comfortably fit in your rooms while blending with the available color sets. Colors really bring out harmony in how the house hold sets are presented and that makes your room impressive by appearance. So when you choose on the colors do consider their tone, rhythm and harmony regardless of how expensive or affordable the settings could be. However, if you cannot choose the right colors for whatever reason, do consider making consultations with experts in interior design on that matter. Timber is also a factor to consider with interior design in the rooms. Furniture comes in all sorts of material ranging from timber, which could either be softwood or hardwood, or even be made of plastic and metal along with other materials. Any of these materials that make the furniture comes in a given color, which also alters the interior design in some way. More so, the furniture finishing will be of more weight as it really makes your house color set. So next time you search for Kitchen Island with seating positions ensure you check on room space, the furniture color sets material and finishing that makes the entire fixings.

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Introducing a home island inside your renovation involves careful planning.

Your choice will be dictated by the use to which you put your island. Might it be for storage mainly or a good more interactive model applied for planning food, eating with your family or for washing and cleanup?

Here is where your sparkle for appearance and form concerns the fore! Each and every conceivable shape could possibly be found in developing your home island. It doesn’t must mimic the outdated table in the middle of the space. It could be L shaped that will be cool; round, oval or just rectangular. Each appearance will provide you with untold possibilities to your storage or eating patterns. Counter tops may be split up level to enable for equally food preparation at a higher level and the lower level for having. Chairs would want to be chosen to fit the island, ought to you put in a eating section and seating. Either regular seats, stools as well as bar stools but these could be a bit risky after a handful of cups of chardonnay therefore experience vigilantly just before you make the final selection!

The style of the countertop needs to reflect the overall topic of your kitchen and furthermore the material utilized needs to be cautiously harmonized as to the its intended use will most likely be.

The placement of a custom built home isle which is used for both preparing and eating functions needs careful consideration. If you’re contemplating an unit you will get particular crucial elements to examine.

Plainly your spending budget will have an impact in your option of kitchen island but also the scale of the kitchen will play a role.

A warming kitchen will be a valuable supplement too. In other words, a kitchen in just a kitchen!

First, what space can be obtained for via traffic? Then it will be impossible to walk around the unit with any comfort, and all of your excellent programs will be for naught if this isn’t observed!

Several additional ins together with this may make certain ease of site visitors motion

Secondly. Illumination! Effectively situated lighting and superior is definitely an utter vital to get a kitchen to properly meet its objective. In order that preparing food is simple, safe and also for eating functions your is needs to have a specific lighting or lamps. A centrally located mild or lights will fit the bill here.

Any electric appliance that you want to utilize on the island can need choosing the energy outlets on the kitchen island well far from the chance of water sprinkle while preparing or cleaning. Energy and water wish to be maintained nicely aside but you understand that.

Adding a sink or dishwasher within the island will require the services of plumber and regularly additional likely to support the essential water pipes and drainage. Not at all times simple to install but worth your time and effort involved.

Having a cooktop on your own island demands incorporating a venting lid. A threshold suspended bonnet is 1 solution. That aspect of the area design is once you’ve got your basic design worked-out, where you must make the professional to guide.

Each sort of use demands planning and budgeting. Verify

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Just When It Seems That We Will Never Understand kitchen island designs, We Suddenly Get It

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Without the limitations of a standard fitted kitchen you can make sure that the proportions of the fittings are just right for your space, no matter how large or small.

A kitchen island is a great way to make use of space. In large rooms they make the centre of the space more useable, in what could only have previously been filled with a table. Islands are more useful because they provide additional storage space as well as somewhere else to sit and eat. There?s no need to go for anything overly large, but a bit of extra room for food preparation is almost always very welcome.

In a smaller kitchen, an island can be mounted on wheels so that it can be moved out of the way if needs be.

This particular feature tends not to be readily available in a standard design because they really do need to be custom made. This is one of the massive advantages you get with a bespoke kitchen that you just won?t be able to achieve otherwise. You will also be able to incorporate additional power sockets into the island which means that no matter where you?re working you?ll be able to plug in any appliances that you need to.

Another option is a peninsula. This is much the same as an island because it enters the centre of the room and opens out the usable space, but it also means that it won?t be quite so intrusive in a smaller room as it is still part of the main work surface area.

Joseph works for a bespoke kitchen furniture company in Norfolk. He enjoys blogging and article writing to help out people that need any advice on luxury fitted kitchens and bespoke kitchen furniture.

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